We donate educational resources to Harlem's Public Schools


The public schools in Harlem are in the shadow of some of the wealthiest electoral districts and neighborhoods in America, yet their resources fall severely short when compared to other schools throughout New York City and the United States. We aim to level the playing field by giving this generation of Harlem students an equal opportunity to learn, compete and achieve. Here's how you can help.

Every dollar received in donations goes directly to the purchasing of educational resources for students and public schools in Harlem.

No salaries. No overhead. No administrative expenses. Just giving.

The most recent donation of $25,000 came from the founders and board members from The Migdol Family: Gerald, Sheryl, Aaron & Jessica in honor of the late Daniel Migdol.

With that donation, we bought 90 iPads and iPad covers for the students at Middle School 129 on 130th Street and Convent Avenue in West Harlem.



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Every dollar you donate goes directly towards educational resources that benefit Harlem's public schools and students.

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