Since 2004, the Migdol Family, through the Migdol Family Foundation Inc. and Friends of Public School Harlem Inc., has donated over $500,000 to educational organizations.

I’m so impressed with the Migdols’ business model of a truly diverse firm that combines profit and non-profit businesses in one organization. It’s wonderful to see that The Migdol Organization is taking a leadership role in addressing the health, education and welfare of Harlem’s citizens through the initiatives of its businesses and not-for-profits.
— Hillary Clinton


We donate resources to the students and the public schools of Harlem; we give school supplies to students, iPads and computers to schools, laptops to top performing students, funds for the arts, health and wellness programs, and much needed resources to support the success of the schools and its students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide much needed resources to Harlem's public schools and its students so that Harlem's students can learn, compete and achieve in an increasingly competitive environment with students around the world who have a competitive advantage because of access to technology and resources that the students and schools of Harlem do not have. Our mission is to level the playing field so Harlem's students and schools can reach their full potential and feel the success they are capable of and want so much to achieve.

achievement highlights

  • $116,500 of school supplies and technology donated since 2007
  • $29,500 donated to PS 57 in East Harlem since 2007 to build playgrounds, a running track, and to improve technology in the school
  • $28,000 donated to the Education Clinic in Central Harlem since 2006 to fund SAT tutoring and reading programs
  • $26,000 donated to the Uptown Dance Academy Inc. in East Harlem since 2007 to support dance education 
  • $21,301 of iPads donated to PS/MS 129 of West Harlem in 2015
  • $16,200 donated to the Pelham Fritz Scholarship Fund in Central Harlem since 2008 to fund scholarships for Harlem students
  • $3,000 donated to Opus 118 Harlem School of Music to buy musical instruments for Harlem students
  • Laptops donated to valedictorian and salutatorians of Harlem public schools since 2004