FPSH Distributes Groceries to Families

Harlem, New York — January 22nd, 2021 — Friends of Public School Harlem distributed 500 boxes of dry goods and produce for attendees at a recent grocery giveaway. The event was conducted with help from matching grants from the Migdol Family Foundation and Robin Hood.

The event is part of efforts by FPSH to address food insecurity issues amidst school interruptions and the economic downturn. Stemming from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, these issues have hit especially hard in lower income communities.

The event was attended by District Leader Keith Lilly and FPSH Board Member Korey Wise of the “Exonerated Five”. Community partners were also on hand to help the organization successfully distribute supplies.

“Things are difficult right now for a lot of people. People have lost their income and are struggling to put food on their tables,” said District Leader Lilly. “We’re working hard to help get food out there so families can eat and stay healthy even when times are tough.”

The work is part of ongoing efforts by FPSH to support education in Harlem and help community members better their circumstances. Thanks to assistance by the Migdol Organization, 100% of funds donated to FPSH are used to carry out its goals.

About the Organization

Founded by President Jerry Migdol, Friends of Public School Harlem is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization created to support Harlem’s public schools and students. The organization has donated more than $900,000 in supplies in support of this mission and has directly impacted more than 30,000 Harlem residents. The organization also regularly holds events to support the Harlem community, including holiday get-togethers, toy drives, grocery giveaways, and Covid-19 safety distributions.

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