FPSH Donates 40 Laptops to Harlem Children

Harlem, New York — December 21st, 2020 — On Wednesday, as New York City prepared itself for a coming snowstorm, Friends of Public School Harlem was busy giving away 40 laptops to children in Harlem.

The laptops, which were all donated by FPSH, will allow recipients greater access to educational materials and an increased ability to complete school assignments. These considerations are especially important of late, given the ongoing remote learning protocols in place throughout New York City.

“Today was a great day,” commented District Leader Keith Lilly, who helped organize and administrate the event. “We were able to give out laptops to 40 kids and help increase their access to opportunity.”

In addition to Keith Lilly, the event was attended by FPSH Board Member and member of “The Exonerated Five” Korey Wise. The event was also attended by TA Presidents and members of the local community.

About the Organization

Founded by President Jerry Migdol, Friends of Public School Harlem is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization created to support Harlem’s public schools and students. The organization has donated more than $900,000 in supplies in support of this mission and has directly impacted more than 30,000 Harlem residents. The organization also regularly holds events to support the Harlem community, including holiday get-togethers, toy drives, grocery giveaways, and Covid-19 safety distributions.

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