“I’m so impressed with the Migdols’ business model of a truly diverse firm that combines profit and non-profit businesses in one organization. It’s wonderful to see that The Migdol Organization is taking a leadership role in addressing the health, education and welfare of Harlem’s citizens through the initiatives of its businesses and not-for-profits.”

- Hillary Clinton

“Getting these backpacks and school supplies puts a smile on the faces of the families who receive them. These school supplies send a powerful message to families letting them know they are not alone, and have a real impact in a child’s success in the classroom and in life. It is because of your efforts that children are able to get the proper resources they need.”

- State Senator Brian Benjamin

“Thanks to your generosity, the young ladies and young men of our district were provided with an opportunity to further expand their breadth and depth of knowledge in a collaborative and innovative manner. The experiences that our students were exposed to will be cemented in their hearts and minds for years to come.”

- Danika Rux, District 5 Superintendent

“Many families wouldn’t have been able to afford the items that were given to them, but through the generous donation of the Friends of Public Schools Harlem and the Migdol Family Foundation, I know that children’s lives were transformed because they were given essential tools that would allow them to succeed in school. Thank you for all of your wholehearted dedication.”

- Assemblyman Al Taylor

“We know the public schools have suffered from loss of funding and lack of resources, so your contributions to Harlem schoolchildren has become more critical. I thank you for giving back so abundantly and graciously to the community and look forward to our continued partnership in future endeavors.”

- NYC Councilman Bill Perkins

“What Friends of Public School Harlem and the Migdol Family Foundation do is not only generous, but also exceptionally impactful to the families and children of my district.”

- Congressman Adrianno Espaillat

"The Migdols are more than just sponsors. Sponsors give and then leave, never to be heard from until you call again. You don't have to call Jerry, Sheri or Aaron. They’re proactive about finding ways to help. Philanthropy, simply, is about making life better for others, and that idea truly embodies who they are — on both a humanitarian and political front. They give their time, talents, and resources to make LIFE better for others."

- District Leader Keith Lilly

“Their continued gifts of school supplies and backpacks make it possible for our students to attend school prepared and organized. PS/MS 129 loves Friends of Public School Harlem and will be forever indebted to them for their generosity and constant support of the children of our school community.”

- Odelphia H. Pierre, Principal PS/MS 129

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